My approach toward guitar is inspired by “spacious minimalism”, where the tonal qualities of notes played offer the listener an affordance of relaxation and exploration, reflection and focus. I constantly challenge myself to create ambient compositions that are simultaneously very apparent as well as nearly invisible, resonating to those that “tune-in”, and unnoticeable to those that do not. 


Jersey City Vibe

April 2017 - I made friends and magic at Sattva Yoga in Jersey City. The warm and intimate setting fostered a deep and rigorous session. Led by yogi extraordinaire Karen Mandell, the 90 minute session was designed to bring balance to the physical and subtle body, experiencing the Yin and the Yang, heating and cooling, effort and ease. I worked with the energy in the room, with the intention of making the experience relevant, meaningful, and memorable for those in attendance.



Mis en place... 

April a French culinary term which roughly translates to “everything in its place”. I could not think of a better way to describe my visit to Alluem Yoga on March 31st & April 1st. I played 5 sessions, approximately 5.25 hours of live, improvised ambient guitar to an incredibly receptive and generous community.

Coordinating with Alluem Yoga, we designated this a “karma session”, meaning 100% of all donations received for my performances will go to local charities.

Left to right, Po Bronson, Dr. Emily Falk, Kevin Curry, and Adrienne Mishler.

Left to right, Po Bronson, Dr. Emily Falk, Kevin Curry, and Adrienne Mishler.

Finding the good in your life

MARCH 2017 - Attended a great panel discussion at Wanderlust Yoga in Austin, Texas titled "Finding The Good Life In Your Life." The panelist included Adrienne Mishler, Kevin Curry and Dr. Emily Falk.

An excerpt: redefining how we relate to our day-to-day choices and how we give them value, we see that there’s no good or bad life, there’s just life. True health comes from the inside out, when emotional and physical wellbeing exist in harmony...



MARCH 2017 - I recently composed, scored, mixed and produced a series of custom ambient guitar tracks in support of Allie's chakra series of guided meditations. In the series, Allie guides her listeners through mindfully crafted meditations, each focusing upon a particular chakra.

By orchestrating the tonal relationships between musical frequencies and chakras, I've developed rich and spacious sonic foundations for each mediation.